December 9, 2011

All play and no work

Earlier this week, we had a staff holiday lunch party with our colleagues in Marketing & Communications. We started our afternoon by enjoying an exquisite three-course lunch at The Chef's House, the restaurant operated by George Brown College's Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

I felt I was on an episode of Gordon Ramsay's F Word, as the place is ultra contemporary, the kitchen is completely open for viewing, and there are large TV screens showing you what's happening with your food.  By the way, both Ramsay and Jaimie Oliver have made appearances at the school!

After lunch a group of us continued into the gay village to a place called George's Play, a fun--albeit dilapidated--watering hole, where we played bingo for three hours. Seriously, I felt I had walked into a retirement home for old queens. Which means, lots of crass repartee and great laughs. Our team did well too, with three of our staff winning cash. Alas, none of us won either of the major jackpots but we all had a blast nonetheless. 

Next week the University is throwing a holiday party for staff and faculty at The Rex. What a lovely gesture! It's nice to be able to bond and have some fun with workmates.

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