December 29, 2011

Someone's in the kitchen

We've returned safely from a week travelling to visit family and friends in three cities. It was wonderful to reunite with so many people we had not seen in a few months. We were blessed with many good laughs and also many thoughful gifts.

Cooking was a major theme this Christmas. I received four cookbooks as gifts--one each by Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, and David Rocco--as well as the aforementioned Morroccan cookbook.

While in Kingston I purchased a copy of the Curry Original Cookbook, which was just released in October. I have always wanted this great Kingston restaurant to publish a cookbook when I stumbled across it in Novel Idea I just had to have it. In fact, earlier tonight I tried my hand at making a home version of their Chicken Korma, Mark's favourite Indian dish. I was missing some of the ingredients but it turned out very good nonetheless.

My other exciting purchase with some gifted money was an impressive 7-piece Acacia wood cutlery set and matching steak knives by Schmidt Brothers, available at West Elm. These German stainless steel blades are wonderful to handle, thanks to the patented curve for your forefinger. The Acacia wood handles are beautifully constructed and nicely contain the blades.

All of this means that yours truly will be a busy boy in the kitchen over the rest of the holidays, trying out numerous new recipes and, hopefully, crafting some wonderful meals for my beloved. 

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