July 31, 2008

Great, great poster. Rock on Canadian filmmakers!

July 27, 2008

Psychic Pilgrims

I've recently discovered MGMT, a New York duo that produces sonic magic. Here's music to live by; to cry, dream, hope, and fall into oblivion with. Climb into the tub, shut yourself in your room, or get in the car and never stop driving...

July 26, 2008

Queen's Webcam Tease

For those Queen's University friends who live far away you might enjoy taking a peek at campus as it continues to undergo a massive multi-million dollar revitalization.

University Avenue: peek here (gone is the double boulevard)

Tindall Field: peek here (swapping the original Tindall behind Vic Hall with a parking lot and replacing the Mac-Corry parking lot with an artificial field)

Queen's Centre: peek here (Jock Harty Arena is gone)and here (this used to be a whole block of houses just behind JDUC)

Cape Cod Shorts 1

July 8, 2008

School's In for Summer

I started my first course of my Master of Education program last week. It's called "Comparative, International, and Development Education" and there are only 10 students in the class, including myself. Talk about intimate learning! I have to present a paper written my another author and lead a seminar, and then I have to present my own paper toward the end of the course. I have really enjoyed the class discussions so far--they are very intellectually demanding, quite intense and each class lasts 3 hours. I must confess I was anxious to begin graduate studies after being out of school for 12 years but it's been great so far.

July 3, 2008

400 years ago today Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec City. Bonne fete!!

New Job...Old Office

Well, I am on day 2 of my new job. Please forgive the image duplication. This is the nicest photo I have of the building where I now work, Summerhill. Built in 1839 this is the oldest building on the Queen's campus. However, although Queen's had opened in March 1842 it did not purchase Summerhill until 1853, having moved around various rented spaces in Kingston.
Prior to Queen's purchase Summerhill was used as a residence, school, and even rented accommodations known as "Sydenham Inn" for members of Canada's first parliament, who met across the street in June 1841 in the original Kingston General Hospital building (circa 1831).
For those first 5 years (1853-1858) in the new permanent building Summerhill housed the entire university, being home to Arts & Theology, Law, Medicine, and the young college's professors and administration. Since 1867 the east wing has been the official residence of the Principal of Queen's, although it has not been occupied since 1984. It is now used for receptions of honoured guests. The centre block (where I work) and the west wing are now home to the Office of Advancement, the University's alumni relations and fundraising team. It is an honour to be in a building with so much history and grace.

July 1, 2008

Provincetown, Oh Provincetown

Mark and I have begrudgingly returned from our week at our cottage in Provincetown, on the northern tip of Cape Cod. The town's motto is "Like Nowhere Else" and this was so very true. For decades, P-Town has attracted LGBT travellers because of its unique ambience and friendly atmosphere. It was amazing to see gay and lesbian couples everywhere walking hand-in-hand without a worry. It was a magic place, full of laughter, quaint beauty, and the vitality of the sea air. I am homesick for P-Town, a bubble of acceptance and creativity. More pictures from Cape Cod to come...