December 13, 2011

I treated myself to a wonderful experience at Civello Salon & Spa during my lunch hour.

Civello is a leading Aveda lifestyle salon and spa and a beauty & wellness resource centre. They opened their first store in 1989. I went to the Queen St West location, which is literally 2 minutes from my office.

I was fortunate to get a walk-in appointment with an awesome stylist named Devin. My experience began by being walked back to a cafe/lounge area where I enjoyed a coffee and a biscotti. I was then walked to his chair and treated to a very relaxing head, neck & shoulder massage.

Devin was really focused on what I wanted for my cut and provided great advice and attention. I had a dry cut and then was lead back to a very relaxing reclined chair for a head wash followed by a face massage.

This was followed by some careful trimming to get it just perfect and off I was back into the real world. This was a wonderful experience with a fantastic attendant. The best part is when I left they gave me a $25 gift card to use on my next visit. Brilliant!

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