April 11, 2010

Art on the walls

A dear friend of mine named Patrick has launched an art gallery here in Kingston. I am so proud of him, as he decided to follow his passion for art collecting and turn it into a business plan. He resigned his full-time job to be the owner and operator of a small gallery dedicated to contemporary art from established and up-and-coming painters. Most of the work is by Canadian female artists, which is not necessarily by design. The current exhibition Art on the Walls showcases paintings from the 1960s to, well, about two weeks.

The gallery has three levels, which makes for the opportunity to spend time with the pieces in varying spaces. There is a lovely intimacy to the gallery, which partly comes from the space itself as well as the genial and attentive host himself.

Patrick also has accessibility in mind, so prices in the current exhibit range from basically $250 to $2,500. This is not a snooty and elite gallery but Patrick has exquisite taste so you are assured work of high quality.

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