January 17, 2012

And miles to go before I sleep

Last night I checked into to a sleep clinic to get my sleeping tested, just to make sure my snoring is not something more serious.

Of course, it's rather ironic to be tested for sleep with things stuck all over your body (see lovely accompanying photo). I counted at least 17 electrodes stuck to my face and head!

Before the lights went out they had me do a series of body and facial movements to test the sensors and then it was lights-out.

It was hard to fall asleep as there was some noise in the adjacent room (the technician talks to each patient via a speaker in the room), not to mention the lovely apparatus, wires, glowing thingy attached to my left index finger, and rather strange bed. All-in-all I suspect it was a normal sleep night, though, and I am quite curious to have my follow-up appointment to see what they figured out about yours truly.

Oh dear...

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