June 28, 2013

Fabulous Fire Island -- Photo Essay

The cute welcome sign when you get off the ferry
Yours truly, posing on the steps of the reborn Pavilion
Well, hello there!
The entrance to the main section of our guest house, Madison Fire Island Pines
View from second floor at the Madison
Mark grabbing some breakfast in the gorgeous main room
Mark relaxing by our guest house's pool
Escape to the beach -- just 4 minutes from our room.
In the heart of Cherry Grove
View from our guest house's rooftop patio
Look Ma -- no streets!!
This is how you get around -- a network of charming boardwalks
We spent a great deal of time staring at the ocean
The sand was perfect and the beach seemed never to end

The stunning beach and gorgeous beach houses
The Fire island Pines harbor
This is how you get your supplies around -- wagons! This is a wagon post.
The legendary Pavilion, rebuilt this spring, had just opened when we arrived

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