April 16, 2013

Let's Play Ball

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Chicago White Sox, April 16, 2013 by Stacy Kelly
I attended a home game of the Toronto Blue Jays (est. 1977) earlier tonight, something I have never done before.  I had the privilege to attend the game as a guest in a corporate suite. The last baseball game I attended was a home game for the Montreal Expos (1969-2004) at the Big O. That kind of tells you my relationship to baseball.

The Jays were contending with the Chicago White Sox (est. 1900) and while the visitors ultimately prevailed 4-3 I must confess it was a really fun experience being at the game.

For one thing, the fans were a riot, with their taunts, cheers, and general enthusiasm. The complex itself provided all sorts of musical entertainment during the game to keep folks revved up, and the giant scoreboards helped me keep track of what in the world was going on.

I tend to prefer more kinetic sports, such as soccer, tennis, football, and hockey, but I did come away with a respect for these players, who will likely play over 100 games in a season, and it was quite clear to me that hitting a baseball coming at you at 95 mph remains a tough feat, no matter how experienced you are.

From what I gather this promises to be the Jay's strongest roster since their glory years of 1992/1993. We'll see what happens. Maybe they can be the second Roger's Centre team to bring home the big one this season.

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