April 24, 2012

My god, it's full of art....

I have seen more art in my 6 months in Toronto than the 39 years prior! At least once a week we are hitting an art opening or touring the many galleries scattered across the city.

The largest exhibit we have seen recently was on Thursday night at the Toronto Art Expo, which was mixed at best in terms of overall quality. The stand-out artist for Mark and I was Tara Krebs, whose exquisite paintings from her "Curio" collection really captured our interest.

We are watching closely the career and output of emerging sculpturist Nicholas Crombach, whose whale series really enthralled Mark. We just saw his newest show, "On the Fence" over the weekend. We first met Nicholas in Kingston, where he was exhibiting in the annual Creative Arts "Art in the City" show.  Our friend Patrick represented Nicholas at his first gallery in Kingston and then his new one in Toronto

Two galleries that we regularly frequent are Angell Gallery and AWOL Gallery, both on Ossington Avenue. A recent discovery was Don't Tell Mama, a second-floor walk-up we had missed on previous walkabouts on Ossington Ave. Their current show "Under the Influence" is a truly through-provoking, awesome exhibit, with in-your-face political work from street artist Deadboy.
In food news, we checked out Sadie's Diner on the weekend. This is a vegan diner, which was hard for me to believe but I was game. I tried their vegan bacon with my eggs breakfast, which was an...um... experience of textures and tastes. Not my cup of tea but I am always up to trying new things.

We also went to Red Tomato on the King Street strip in the heart of the Entertainment District. Normally, I would shy away from these restaurants but our friends Patrick and Raymond discovered over a year ago that the restaurant has a $5 only at the bar menu from Tuesday to Saturday!!! I have to say the food was great. Mark and I were very impressed. 

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