April 15, 2012

Get Him to the Geek

After a fun Saturday hitting the galleries around Ossington Street/Queen West, Mark and I joined our friend Dana for a full day of geek glory at the Wizard World ComicCon. The primary celebrity guests were Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, together for a "Quantum Leap" reunion.

The three of us went to Bakula/Stockwell panel, and scored seats in the second row. I was not a huge fan of the show but certainly enjoyed watching once in a while during its original run from 1989-1993. The panel was actually great and Dana, a massive Dean Stockwell fan, lined up to ask a question during the open Q+A session. They were both well-spoken, hilarious, and had great chemistry. Dana got her picture taken with both of them, an event that was truly memorable for her.

Other celebrities we saw included Amy Acker, best known from the great Joss Whedon shows "Angel" and "Dollhouse", Sean Maher from Whedon's brilliant "Firefly", Sam Witwer from "Smallville" and "Being Human", and "The Last Starfighter" co-stars Lance Guest and Catherine Mary Stewart. The biggest comics celebrity in attendance was "The Simpsons" animator Phil Orbitz.

There were tons of folks dressed up in all sorts of costumes from various films, comics, and anime and it was a great deal of fun to check out all of the products. It was a great event that warmed us up for the mega geek event Fan Expo happening in August.

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