March 24, 2012

Cloudy, with a chance of galleries

On this cloudy and blustery day, with the wind blowing us around, we decided to do start our afternoon with brunch at Cafe Bernate and then do a crawl of the gallery district centred around Ossington and Queen Street West.

We began with seeing Transformation, a show of works by first-generation OCADU students. Next was Angell Gallery, always a must-see venue for its engaging works. We hit another three galleries on Queen Street West before heading to the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) for a truly facinating exhibit called Necropolis.

According to MOCCA, Necropolis is an "immersive multi-media meditation on the nature of video and its strong affiliations with death culture". Visitors have to walk up inclines and down declines inside a totally blackened hallway that winds through the museum space. Lit only by each piece in the exhibit the viewer is confronted by a mixture of sensory deprivation, sounds, and television and video screens.

Tired of the wind gusts we decided to rent season two of the original British "Being Human" and Daniel Lanois' documentary "Here is What Is", and then headed home to warmth and to cozy up on the couch.


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