November 8, 2011

Weekend Wanderings

I snapped this picture of the Toronto skyline as seen from our living room on Saturday afternoon.  I love how the CN Tower is framed by the lines of our patio door and the balcony railing.

It's already been a month but I still get chills when I look out the window in the morning, and more so at night. It's a solid reminder that we're not in Kansas anymore, if you know what I mean.

This past weekend was more relaxed. Once again, we hit the Wellington Street Art Gallery for an opening of work done by a Kingston artist named Connie Morris. We also met up with a Kingston friend named Hugh at the WSAG, which was a nice treat.

On Sunday we explored the neighourhood immediately to the west of us, Parkdale. Home to one of the largest Tibetan diasporas in the world, Parkdale is very ethnically and socioeconomically diverse. We wandered along the Queen Street portion of the 'hood and I found it to be remarkably genuine, full of all sorts of interesting characters. The yuppy/hipster gentrification of nearby West Queen West has not fully reached into Parkdale, so there was a mix of the rough-and-tumble street folk as well as tons of immigrants, and the odd yuppy here and there. I felt I was walking in a real Toronto neighbourhood.

Our destination was actually to visit Glen, a friend of Mark's from OCAD U that he lived with in Campus Co-op with back in the '90s (in a lovely coincidence I was living in Science'44 Co-op in Kingston around the same time!). It was so nice to see these old friends reunite, and we made plans to see each other on a regular basis.

Closer to my office in the , I was thrilled to stumble across Little Nicky's, a fantastic, locally-owned coffee shop. It's tiny but adorable, with home made baked goodies and a very good coffee indeed. I loved the one-of-a-kind ambiance. I also checked out Canteen, the O&B joint on the ground floor of the Bell Lightbox (home of TIFF).  Their grab and go section is very well stocked and I could see this becoming a regular option for my morning coffee and treat.

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