November 14, 2011

If Only it Could Walk

I took this picture of the landmark building at OCAD U, the Sharp Centre for Design, last week on my way to a meeting. Known affectionately around the city as "the table top", the Sharp Centre has quickly become a tourist destination in its own right. 

I am always seeing folks stopping to take pictures of the Centre, which is nicely complemented by the CN Tower if you are looking southward (my picture was taken looking north). In fact, we can see the distinctive black-dotted, 12-legged monolith from our condo. 

Winner of a 2004 RIBA Worldwide Award, the building was described as "courageous, bold and just a little insane." It certainly added a whimsical jolt in 2004 to what had long been an architecturally staid section of the city (Frank Gehry's outstanding transformation of the neighbouring AGO was not completed until 2008).  

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