August 22, 2011

New Job, New City

I am thrilled to announce that I have accepted a position at OCAD University!  Mark and I will be moving to Toronto on October 1 so I can be ready to begin my role as the Manager, Alumni Relations.

OCAD is "Canada's university of the imagination", offering degree programs in visual arts and design. Established in 1876, OCAD lies in the heart of downtown Toronto and offers a blend of studio-based and critical inquiry learning. Many people have seen or heard of OCAD because of the distinctive Sharp Centre for Design, which perches over the neighbourhood. The "tabletop" has quickly become one of Toronto's iconic buildings.

I will be responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction to the alumni relations portfolio and the University’s alumni organizations in order to strengthen the engagement of alumni in the life of the University and its students, and in support of its objectives for fundraising growth.

I will also be leading the development of programs and services that deliver value to alumni throughout their lives, deepening their engagement with the University and with each other, maximizing the power and pride of a fully engaged global alumni base of more than 10,000 individuals.

So, we are excited and thrilled to be heading to Toronto and are now apartment-hunting and just starting to realize that we have to leave our beloved Kingston circle of friends/family. The former will certainly be easier than the latter.

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  1. Congratulations Stacy, how exciting! This job sounds like a perfect fit for you!