July 7, 2011

Make the Whig great again

A group of concerned Kingstonians have a great campaign to try and get the Whig Standard, Canada's oldest daily, to reclaim its once proud status as one of the very best city papers in the country.

When I first moved to Kingston in 1989 the Whig was a truly local paper, with a dedicated staff of writers and a focus on the local perspective on national and international events. Reflecting its heritage, the Whig spouted a conservative voice and it was very well written and I think also very well read.

After decades of ownership by local Davies family, the Whig was sadly purchased by Sun Media/Quebecor and the dreaded changes came immediately. Local writers disappeared and most of the paper was filled with wire stories and syndicated columnists. Today, you are hard pressed to find articles written by local journalists, and there is no real sense of a voice or editorial vision. And we won't even get started on their appalling website.

Kingston wants and deserves a better daily newspaper. Learn more at greatwhig.ca.

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