February 21, 2011

The day the movies died

In GQ, writer Mark Harris dissects the movie industry's decline; from the erosion of actors (and even movie stars) to the elevation of marketers; from the decline of auteurs to the rise of the MBA decision-makers. For all of the talk about glamour and glitz of Hollywood Harris reminds us that showbiz is business first and foremost, far and above artistic concerns. Brands, he argues, have replaced ideas.

Read this fascinating article and weep for the future as you look "what's on the menu for this year: four adaptations of comic books. One prequel to an adaptation of a comic book. One sequel to a sequel to a movie based on a toy. One sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a movie based on an amusement-park ride. One prequel to a remake. Two sequels to cartoons. One sequel to a comedy. An adaptation of a children's book. An adaptation of a Saturday-morning cartoon. One sequel with a 4 in the title. Two sequels with a 5 in the title. One sequel that, if it were inclined to use numbers, would have to have a 7 1/2 in the title". Oh, and for the record, Harris blames everything on "Top Gun".

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