June 16, 2010

Oh Muffy, darling, your book is here

Last September I blogged about my discovery of "The Preppy Handbook" back in my first year of university in 1989.  The tongue-in-cheek guidebook to the good preppy life was a smash hit and 30 years on the book's editor, Lisa Birnbach, has written a sequel called "True Prep".

The book is described in promotional material as "a contemporary look at how the old guard of
natural-fiber-loving, dog-worshiping, G&T–soaked preppies
adapts to the new order of the Internet, cell phones, rehab,
political correctness, Reality TV and . . . polar fleece.
Accompanied by more than one hundred original illustrations
and photographs, and at least one recipe, True Prep promises to be a whole new, old, sensation".

You can download a 12-page blad [a marketing and sales tool, used where printed sample material is needed in advance by the sales force to sell the title. A blad will often feature sections from the finished book, including the cover artwork, page layouts and images] of "True Prep" here.

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