May 12, 2010

Things that ought to be banned

There are a number of things that I would like to submit for consideration for banishment in the hopes of making our lives better.

1. The expression "going forward".
(Annoying and redundant)
2. The constant flow of TV dramas about cops, lawyers, or doctors.
(Are these the only three careers on the planet?)
3.  The expression "from Wall St. to Main St." or any derivative.
(A patronizing rhetorical device)
4. Illegible small print on TV automobile ads.
(Impossible to read in time alloted. How is this legal?)
5. Wall-to-wall pharmaceutical ads during the news. (How medicated do we meed to be? We have made almost every part of the human condition a pathology)
6. Twitter.
(Massive waste of time and bandwidth)
7. The pseudo-philosophical crap on the side of Starbucks coffee cups.
(Because I always look to paper cups for wisdom and guidance)
8. Those horrific cow bell milk commercials.
(Simply terrible)
9. Being asked to make a donation by the cashier at local stores.
(I don't appreciate guilt-on-the-spot. If a company wants to make a genuine social contribution they should simply pledge a portion of earnings, not redistribute money from their customers and then take credit for it)
10. Uncivil people at movie theatres.
(We now pay the most money in the history of movies for the worst possible customer experience, thanks to endless chatter, cell phones, texting, and unruly behaviour)

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