January 1, 2010

New Years in New York


We've just returned from four days in New York City. It was a grand adventure and we had a marvellous time with our friends Patrick and Raymond.

Highlights include an amazing French dinner at the legendary Chez Josephine in Hells Kitchen, and a superb Italian meal at Bar Pitti in Greenwich Village.

Geeks worldwide will be super envious to learn that the absolutely stunning Famke Janssen (Jean Grey/Phoenix in the "X-Men" franchise) was our dining neighbour at Bar Pitti. As she was barely two feet from us, it took all all of our mutant powers not to gush praise but since we are good Canadian geeks...er...boys, we respected her privacy. When we left Mark chatted with her briefly and I said a quick hello. I can honestly report that she is far more beautiful in person. We were star struck and giddy. The next day we spotted Oliver Platt ("2012", "Frost/Nixon","The West Wing") right outside our hotel.

As for night life we had a gay old time at ultra-hip Therapy in Hell's Kitchen, we sang show tunes with off Broadway stars at Marie's Crisis in the West Village, and then we rang in the New Year with the upscale professional set at the refined Townhouse Bar in Upper Midtown East.

Our must-see for this NYC trip was the Tim Burton exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) which was spectacular and incredibly inspiring. With some 700 items the exhibition traced Burton's unique vision and style from his teenage years to the upcoming "Alice in Wonderland" motion picture. We played it smart and arrived at 8:50 a.m. to line up for the 9:30 museum opening, and were among the first to get in ahead of what looked like 5,000 people by the time we were leaving.

We're planning to head back to NYC in May to escort our very special (and gorgeous) Mara on her first trip to the City. We can't wait.


  1. What was your most moving moment? (Other than the journey itself.)

  2. Yeah, We had a great time with you guys. Hope to do that again... in the near future.
    Good luck and all the best... You guys are the best !!!