January 8, 2010

Classical Grapes

When Mark and I were in Tuscany this past August we had a private tour of Il Paradiso Di Frassina winery. Not only was it a special experience for us, as we walked amidst the vineyards nestled in a valley near Montalcino but we were struck to learn that the estate's owner plays classical music to the grape plants.

He firmly believes that the plants are not only happier but also grow stronger and are healthier than plants who do not have the opportunity to "listen" to music. Check out a profile on the vineyard on CNN.

He is not alone either, as the estate is now home to a serious research study by a couple of Italian universities. All I can say is that after a private tasting in the cellar, we promptly bought a bottle of "12 Uve" (Mark just loved this wine) and also a bottle of the more famous 2004 "Brunello di Montalcino". We drank the first one during our last night in Italy (sniff, sniff) and brought the Brunello home. It sits in our wine cabinet, awaiting a special ocassion.

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