November 3, 2009

The worker in the mirror

According to Douglas Reid, Associate Professor of Global Business at Queen’s School of Business, employees in recession-era workplaces typically fall into the following behaviour patterns:

• The Terminated: while not physically present in the organization, their memories linger and affect those that stay.

• The Fearful: these employees believe they will be cut next. They are ready to search for a new job but cling tenaciously to whatever certainty their existing situation affords.

• The Indifferent: this group is watching the recession occur and believe it is going to affect someone else.

• The Delighted: high performers who delight in the improvement in their situation relative to the average consumer via sales and discounts in the marketplace.

• The Apocalyptic: a small group that believes that the recession presents a necessary “reset” for a myriad list of failures in the existing system of capitalism.

• The Longers: Hoping for a severance package and optimistic they’ll obtain rapid alternative employment.

• The Engaged: The core of a company’s renewal efforts. They understand the consequences of the recession and what needs to be done to help the business recover.


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