April 7, 2009

Wanted: Ordinary Canadians

We (we) are (are) 
Ordinary people 
No matter what we stand for, 
All in all, we're all the same 
And it don't matter 

      --The Box

Apparently, according to the PMO, ordinary Canadians don't care about the Mulroney-Schreiber scandal. This issue, along with arts, is another thing to add to the pile of wasteful and useless aspects of our national affairs that ordinary Canadians couldn't care less about. During the Canadian federal election I heard a great deal about this special segment of our population. It is not exactly clear to me who "ordinary Canadians" are, but my best guess is that they appear to eat out at Tim Horton's, play hockey, have a manufacturing or farming job, and tend to live in rural areas. From what I've gleamed from politicians' speeches over the past year ordinary Canadians harbour a disdain for anything that might be confused with an urban lifestyle (i.e. homosexuals, culture, mass transit, etc). Research suggests there are no ordinary Canadians in Toronto or Ottawa, and that ordinary Canadians all seem to live on a Main street. It also appears to be the case that ordinary Canadians don't challenge the status quo. Those people are called "special interests", and apparently they want to take rights away from ordinary Canadians. Lastly, it also seems that ordinary Canadians are the only ones who care about family values, the plight of the working class, the financial meltdown, and the future of Canada. No wonder our provincial and federal leaders are constantly appealing to this subset of our citizenry. I can't wait to meet some of these ordinary Canadians.  

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