February 22, 2009

The Wonder Years

Here is a picture of me circa 1976. It's my favourite picture of me as a child. I am sitting on the grass in a park in Ottawa with some sort of sailor outfit on. Not sure why my mom had me in this get-up, but I love that she took this photo in black & white. There is something timeless about b&w photography, and this image is a lovely sign post in my story. 

When I look at this little guy I can't help but think of that time of my life. I lived alone with my mom in Ottawa and I remember these as very happy times. Of course, I was a kid so my memory of things may have been skewed but I remember her happy and I remember her music more than anything else. My mom had a fantastic record collection and she had great taste in what we now call classic rock and pop. So in a moment of nostalgic reverie I thought I would share the soundtrack of that 1-bedroom apartment in Ottawa in the mid-70s. I can smell Jiffy Pop on the stove top and I can hear some of the following songs:

"Come Sail Away" (1976) -- Styx 

"Piece of my Heart" (1968) -- Janis Joplin

"It's Too Late" (1971) -- Carole King

"Go Your Own Way" (1977) -- Fleetwood Mac

"Night Moves" (1976) -- Bob Seger

"Show me the Way" (1976) -- Peter Frampton

Sweet, sweet memories and music that takes me back in an instant (sniff, sniff).

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