January 15, 2009

Kingston's annual job growth 8 times national rate

According to Statistics Canada, Kingston's job market jumped by 3,700 full-and part-time positions from December 2007 to December 2008. Employment growth in Kingston was a strong 4.8% -compared to just 0.6% nationally. 

Kingston showed significant gains under certain categories of jobs and losses in others. Apparently there was a 2,700 increase in educational services, including universities, colleges and school boards, as well as private services such as language and fine arts schools.

The accommodation and food sector was up 1,400 over the year. Yet retail showed a decrease of 2,200 jobs.

Professional, scientific and technical services experienced the second-highest rise at 2,000 jobs--although local firms are having trouble substantiating this last figure. 

These figures, if accurate, have come as a pleasant surprise to the Kingston Economic Development Corporation as well as local business leaders. 

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