January 29, 2009

Essential '80s Tunes

My high-school years were 1984-1988 and I have such fond and powerful associations with the music of the era. I thought I would sharea few of what I consider to be the best '80s songs, those worth bringing to the desert island in the sky...

When in Rome-"The Promise" (1988)

Simple Minds- "Don't You (Forget About Me)" (1985)

OMD- "If You Leave" (1985)

Cindi Lauper- "True Colors" (1986)

A-Ha- "Take on Me" (1985)

Stevie Nicks- "Stand Back" (1983)

Michael Jackson-"Billy Jean" (1982)

1 comment:

  1. MJ's Billy Jean has to be the best one yet!!!!!He is so talented and everyone loves him