January 19, 2009

A Confession

Forgive me, U2...I don't really like your new single all that much. I know, I know...unbelievable. But I've been a hardcore fan for over 20 years so I think I am allowed to stray from the faith once in a while. Don't be too upset. It's happened before, actually, with "Elevation" and then "Vertigo". I really dislike those songs and always skip them when I'm listening to the albums that house them. Don't fret. I'm just more of a "Gone" and "City of Blinding Lights" kind of flock member. 

"Get on Your Boots" sounds like a demo of four different songs stuck together with a cliche U2 bridge. It pains me to say this to you, because I simply adore you. Perhaps it's ok for a fanatic to question those s/he follows...? I guess you are allowed a throw-away song, especially since you've given so many crystalline and enduring notes, but not for the first single in nearly 5 years. I would have accepted a slightly engineered "Mercy" with grace. Your single is a B-side oddity, a bubble gum wrapper. 

You are U2. I want you to sing about wars among nations with your heart on your sleeve and notes so pure they scratch the sky. I don't want to roll around the ditch with the miscreants. I don't want dirty. I want soundscapes and endless horizons and hope. Well...I am a patient and loving believer. I will await the rest with faith.

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