December 5, 2008

Oh, Won't You Stay Just a Bit Longer?

The results of a study led by the Monieson Centre at Queen's School of Business entitled "Creative Economy Challenges: Retention of Queen’s Graduates in the Greater Kingston Area" were released yesterday. Among the findings:

• Employment prospects are critical to retaining students locally.
• Students are more likely to stay in Kingston for summer jobs and post graduate employment if they feel they are part of the community.
• Students and alumni both indicated that employment prospects were the most important factor in deciding where to live post graduation.
• Students and alumni both expressed strong dissatisfaction with Kingston’s employment opportunities.
• Students and alumni both indicated “sales & service” was their least desired type of employment and they perceived sales & service to be the largest type of employment in Kingston.

As for possible solutions, the report recommended that Kingston should implement policies that generate new economic opportunities in several key areas including health, research, social sciences (education, government, religion), natural and applied sciences, art, culture, recreation, sports, business and finance. The City should also work to foster integration of students into the Kingston community. You can read highlights of the report starting on page 40 here.

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