December 18, 2008

Kickin' It Old School

I'm now on holidays and have been enjoying mindless hours justrelaxing and hanging out at home. I've been flipping through MuchMusic more often than I really should reveal, and I have noticed the considerable drop in quality of rap & hip hop music.  Makes me yearn for the days when the music video was born and a new identity and politic was created by blacks through the following essential "old school" tracks:

"Fight the Power" (Public Enemy)
Not only one of the best but one of the most important rap songs ever written. Simply outstanding.

"Push It" (Salt N Pepa)
Noticeable first for being a female duo in a notoriously male-dominated genre, Salt N Pepa delivered this gem and launched a thousand girls' dreams of rap stardom.

"It Takes Two" (Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock)
Surely one of the few rap songs that will last the ages. This one will be included in the box set for the best of 20th century music.

What can I say...Great beat, phrasing, and lyrics. A veritable gem.

You can hear the beginnings of electronica in this track, a sort of hybrid song on the fence between rap and early hip hop. It's more pop than political.

"My Philosophy" (KRS One)
A great subversive lyric matched to a funky backbeat. 

"Let Your Backbone Slide" (Maestro Fresh Wes) 
A solid Canadian hip hop contribution. A massive hit that made an impact on the dance floor.


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