September 2, 2008

Ivy League Leaders

I am amazed at the influence of Harvard and Yale alumni who have made such an indelible impact on American politics at the highest level. These two schools have made a disproportional impact on the United States (and by extension, the world):
President William H. Taft. Yale 1878
President Gerald Ford, Yale 1941
President George H.W. Bush, Yale 1948
President George W. Bush, Yale 1968
President William J. Clinton Yale 1973
Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton, Yale 1973
President John Adams, Harvard 1755
President John Quincy Adams, Harvard 1787
President Rutherford Hayes, Harvard 1845
President Theodore Roosevelt, Harvard 1880
President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harvard 1904
President John F.Kennedy, Harvard 1940
President George W. Bush, Harvard 1975
Senator Barack Obama, Harvard 1991

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