August 31, 2008

John McCain's Master stroke?

The Democrats are wrong to write-off Alaska's governor, Sarah Palin. I am likely a voice in the wilderness and just might be the only liberal who thinks that John McCain may have made a smart decision in choosing his running mate. Everything being equal the overarching priority is on winning the election, and a general election is about winning the votes that count in the so-called swing states. Indeed, general elections are not about what the Beltway pundits and east-coast intelligentsia want or expect. Of course they predicted Romney or even Lieberman but the electorate doesn't need or want either one of those names on the McCain ticket. Palin is the perfect choice of gender, politic, age, and profile to put in front of those who are still smarting over Hilary's defeat and those who like their politicians on the right-hand side of the issues. The United States has an enormous and well-mobilized evangelical movement and Governor Palin might just be the ticket for their aspirations.

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