March 29, 2008

Pull the covers up

30 years ago this month U2 won a talent show in the town of Limerick, earning them some cash and--more importantly--the ability to record their first demo tape, which they went on to do inApril of 1978. Many folks know the rest of the story, or at least the great albums and songs that have come out of it. One of the pleasures for me as a U2 fan has been the way that the band has interpreted their own songs live over these past three decades. "Where The Streets Have No Name" is a great example of a song that has been transformed over the years, and an astute fan can tell you what band era any particular live version of that song came from. Another great pleasure is hearing interpretations of U2 songs by other artists. While some don't always work others own songs outright and take them to another place. Enjoy some great U2 covers here.

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