February 6, 2008

What a KROCK

How unfortunate. Kingston City Council has just announced that it has granted naming rights for its soon-to-be-opened sports and entertainment complex to local radio station K-ROCK. Now, let me be clear: I am delighted to learn that a company has stepped up. It's just a shame it's K-ROCK. This much-maligned complex has been the source of endless civic controversy (you know you have lost perspective when this is what riles you up) and I have no doubt that the large contingency of cynical and scornful residents will quickly adopt "CROCK" into the local vernacular if only to be able to continue venting their, ahem, cynicism and scorn. To make matters worse, the City is hosting an on-line survey to help pick a referrent, with such exciting choices as...get ready..."Place" and "Centre". I can just hear the barflies now..."Yep, off to watch the Frons at the Crock Pot".

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