December 22, 2007

What a sour pickle political correctness turns out to be. To wit: in a promotion reel CBC TV announces its "holiday" lineup of movies. Of course, every single movie in the clip montage is a Christmas movie. On every news and talk show you'll repeatedly be told "Happy Holidays" by the on-air talent, as they sit on their sets replete with Christmas decorations. As I write this, I am watching CBS 'Early Show' , which is being called a "holidays" edition, and they have a phalanx of special guests singing "holiday music" which all, of course, turn out to be Christmas songs. Now, I am not non-Christian, but if I was I wonder how I would react to all this smoke-and-mirrors. Even as someone raised in the Christian faith, I find this linguistic dance rather disingenuous. If these are truly meant to be so-called "holidays" broadcasts then why aren't there menorahs and kinaras on the sets? Where are the dredles? Why aren't we hearing Haneirot Halulu along with Silent Night? Non-Christian viewers see no representation of their traditions, despite the deceptive "happy holidays" message they keep receiving. How sad to be pandered to in an empty gesture of inclusivity. The truth of the matter is that what is being said and what is meant are not one and the same. Either these networks make these shows genuinely inclusive or honestly label and market them what they really are actually about: Christmas.

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