August 16, 2007

When exactly did CNN become America's Page 6?! At 2:15 PM today the top of CNN's site (ostensibly reserved for the most important breaking news) actually read "President Bush’s daughter, Jenna, is engaged to be married, the White House says." Meanwhile, the top link is about stocks tumbling, the second about Jenna Bush's engagement (in case you missed the two-inch, red banner), the third is about the Minneapolis bridge collapse, and the fourth is about an earthquake in Peru. Hmmm...for some reason apparently 450 dead Peruvians is trumped by the impending nuptials of a President's daughter.

Oh, and remember the 20 million people displaced and hundreds killed by the massive floods in Asia? Good luck getting an update on the aftermath from CNN. Hmmm...for some reason the plight of masses equivalent to the population of Australia just doesn't merit the kind of in-depth coverage they've applied to a collapsing bridge responsible for less than a dozen deaths.

Now, to be fair, CNN is covering a report that 8 million Iraqis are "without water, sanitation, food and shelter and need emergency aid", although you have to click on CNN World and then scroll down to the middle of the page to find the link. Indeed, that 8 million souls are in imminent risk does not warrant bold, red banner headline remains a mystery to me. It's not even a top world story, according to CNN.

Each of these stories is a tragedy, and surely all are deserving of our tears. Yet,
I remain baffled at the choices made as to whose lives are more important, what is news worthy, and who most deserves our sympathies and attention.

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