July 16, 2007

Tasting the County

Food and wine enthusiasts are flocking in droves to beautiful Prince Edward County. What is quickly becoming the region's worst-kept secrets are the wineries and restaurants, cafes, and bakeries on this peninsula jutting out into Lake Ontario a mere hour west of Kingston. Nestled mostly in the town of Picton and the nearby village of Bloomfield, is the province's latest designated viticultural appellation, and home to a dozen or so worthy vineyards.
On Sunday I had the pleasure of taking in some of the region's most well-known treats, with my partner Mark and two lovely friends, including three hotdogs at Buddha Dog, a latte at the Bean Counter Cafe, some book-browsing at Olivia & Company Fine Used Books, an ice-cream cone at Slickers, and tasting some cheese at the Black River Cheese Company, and finally some cider at the County Cider Company.
With all the publicity the region is getting in the Toronto media one wonders how long before the County's charms are ruined. For the moment, Prince Edward County is to the Niagara Region as Sonoma is to Napa, with the charm of genuine yesteryear, a slower pace, and a grassroots sensibility.

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