June 4, 2007

I can see clearly now

I am struck at when and how it is that I have piercing moments of clarity. Such little ephiphanies typically happen to me rather organically. That is, they just bubble up on their own, having percolated for whatever time they needed to. Usually they occur when I am moving (in the car, while walking, sitting on a plane, etc). There's something key about moving and my thought processing, for some reason. I love to walk aimlessly about, while my hamster works furiously and creatively inside my head.
Overall, I do my best thinking on my feet, which leads me to wonder why we have constructed our working selves to be seated. In fact, our entire workplace design seems rather counter-intuitive to me. But that's another discussion entirely. I recall getting up in the middle of the night during my undergrad years and wandering along the Kingston waterfront. It always helped me clear my mind and find some answers, or at least ask the right questions (often more important).
Lately I've been asking myself some very good questions like what brings me happiness, what drives me, and what motivates me. This usually ends up with me having a hard time accepting our norms of acceptable ways to occupy one's daily life. In any event, I have been receiving my answers at completely unpredictable moments these last few weeks...in the shower, kneading dough, on the bus...proving that wisdom can come in many forms and in many ways.

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