January 31, 2007

Heart Matters

As soon as the love relationship does not lead me to me; as soon as I, in a love relationship, do not lead the other person to themselves, this love, even if it seems the most secure and ectastic attachment I have ever experienced, is not true love.
--Leo Buscalia, Love

February is the month where we are pushed by powerful marketing forces to celebrate those we love, those we consider most important in our lives. I encourage you to open your love to not only the person that you share Call Answer with, but to also celebrate that pursuit which reminds you of who you really are. Either way, the loved-thing is strongly attached to your chest. For when you are away from it, you ache. That aching, of course, is a profoundly visceral response that drives us into states that confound logic and sensibility. And so it should. This physicality gives meaning to our lives, when such a commodity is rare and precious. The need to love is omnipresent in our lives and is infinitely powerful.

True love, I sense, lies at the root of whoever you consider yourself to be. That strange journey (and it is a journey) uncovers mystical properties that most never really understand. To respect and honour is to learn and re-learn the intricate dance of communication. The magic exists in the space between knowing and not knowing; fuelling the traveller onward. And how we covet those spaces, for in them things seem far more possible and the distances to them all that shorter.

Self cultivation is critical for the loving person, as is sharing one's energy with another. I also believe in the value of frivolous day-dreaming. In such brief moments of semi-consciousness empires rise and fall. [Illustration: Artist Unknown]

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